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CLF Peshawar Covers Zeb and Haniya!

CLF Peshawar Covers Zeb and Haniya!

The Children’s Literature Festival made us feel incredible! Here’s the piece written by Baela Raza Jamil, one of┬áthe organizers of the CLF, did which talks about us. You’ll also find some great photographs on this page!

Read More

ZnH at the Childrens Literature Festival, Peshawar

ZnH at the Childrens Literature Festival, Peshawar

We had earlier announced our presence and performance at the Children’s Literature Festival in Peshawar! Here’s the article in Jang covering all the performances, including ours!

Read More

From CLF Peshawar!

From CLF Peshawar!

We had a chance to read and perform for the kids at the Children’s Literature Festival that took place in Peshawar on the 14th and 15th of November. Kids make for an incredible audience because they love music – all kinds. The excitement that lights up their eyes and comes through their voices, is an amazing feeling for any artist to since with. We┬ásang Paimona, Layli Jan, Bibi...

Read More

On Rice Radio

On Rice Radio

Rice Radio, Houston’s leading radio known to play eclectic sounds, had Zeb and Haniya on the airwaves during their Center Stage tour of the US. In the photograph, you’ll see┬áZebunissa Bangash (left) and Haniya Aslam (right) with Varsha Vakil just after their talk! Check out the...

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We Love Kochi!

We Love Kochi!

A special thank you to everyone who attended the 9th November, 2012 gig in Kochi! It was an absolute dream coming true to be able to perform in a city we’ve been wanting to visit since such a long time! Loved the audience at The November Fest 2012 and all the awesome feedback!! Thank you!!

Read More

We’re in The Times of Oman

We’re in The Times of Oman

Here’s a piece The Times of Oman did on our recent Center Stage performances in the US – It’s always great to be appreciated and covered by media from such diverse geographical locations!! This piece was published on the 6th of November, 2012

Read More