aciphex In experiments on animals it has been shown, what, using g-oksibutirat sodium (ГОМК), it is possible to create deep гипотермию with preservation of warm activity at temperature more low 10? With, and also гипотермию with wakefulness preservation (to 10-20°С) at which the animal is capable to support a normal pose to keep reflex activity, thus on ЭЭГ bioelectric activity, characteristic for the wakefulness period is registered. Application ГОМК in a combination with гидрохиноном and glycerine allows to reach conditions long гипотермии (4 days at level 20 - 25°С). Processes of anabolism and катаболизма are in an organism in a condition of dynamic balance (fig. 26). Prevalence of anabolic processes over катаболическими leads to growth, accumulation of weight of fabrics, and prevalence катаболических processes conducts to partial destruction of fabric structures. The condition of an equilibrium or nonequilibrium parity of anabolism and катаболизма depends on age (at children's age anabolism prevails, at adults balance is usually observed, at senile age prevails катаболизм), the states of health, physical organism physical or psychoemotional loading. Канальцевая реабсорбция