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We Love Kochi!

We Love Kochi!

A special thank you to everyone who attended the 9th November, 2012 gig in Kochi! It was an absolute dream coming true to be able to perform in a city we’ve been wanting to visit since such a long time! Loved the audience at The November Fest 2012 and all the awesome feedback!! Thank you!!


  1. Loved ur music !! couldnt make to any of ur gig @ kochi/bangalore…will make sure not to skip it next time…Paimona is my fav …loved the song first time i heard it, eventhough i didnt understand a word…went through the translations later…i thought paimona was a girls name by the sweetnes of the song @first :) .. u guys are amazing.. u sure did make ur country proud…1 more musician for me to love frm pakistan :)

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