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The Dewarists S01E02 – Kya Khayaal Hai

The Dewarists S01E02 – Kya Khayaal Hai

Episode two of The Dewarists. Featuring Zeb and Haniya, Shantanu Moitra and Swanand Kirkire.


  1. Very nice..maza agaya really…:)

  2. was travelling and missed the show. thanks for uploading the video. but personally i feel the track missed the tempo. but vocals are well laid and heard. may be that was the idea. may be we would hear a lot of live music from you guys in india.

  3. Really nice work….excellent…

  4. Enjoyed listening. Thank you!

  5. Ananya Chatterjee |

    Out of this world, very liberating.

  6. I want to download this song!
    How can I do that?

  7. Brilliant composition & collaboration.

  8. Wonderful talents,
    great execution..

  9. i like this song and i enjoyed so much

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