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Kya Khayaal Hai Promo!

Kya Khayaal Hai Promo!

Be sure and tune in Sunday, October 23rd to The Dewarists StarWorld to watch this amazingly organic collaboration on “Kya Khayaal Hai”. The episode has is set against the frenetic pace of the city of Mumbai, this episode features a cross-border collaboration between Pakistani singer-songwriter duo Zeb & Haniya, and two veterans of Bollywood — composer Shantanu Moitra, and lyricist Swanand Kirkire.


  1. Snigdhadeb Roy Chowdhury |

    The show was amazing and loved the song.Please go on singing like this. Never stop.

  2. Brilliant !!! Simply Brilliant !!! can’t stop listening to the song.. 2 beautiful human beings !!

  3. “kya khayaal” – its really beautiful .

    my whole hearted wishes to both of you zeb and haniya .
    thanks for this website also – at least i can feel some what like thanking both of you directly !! :)

  4. Dear Zeb and Haniya,
    I have no words to express the beauty of your creation with Shantanu and Swanand. It has elevated me to another level… whether it is your voices, the music, melody or the sheer poetry of the lyrics… there are so many layers so the song… and it can be interpreted in so many ways, from the most simple to the extremely complicated and every time I hear it, I feel something new. That’s something, since I have been listening to it on loop since eight days. Thank you so much for immortalising so many things with this song. I have gone around explaining the meaning of the lyrics to so many, and they have really appreciated it.
    I do hope this mail finds its way to you guys somehow, I just want you to know that there are many who you don’t even know exist, love your work!
    Thanks once again, and all the best.

  5. simply splendid..

  6. Gopal Deivedi |

    Simply Awesome. :)
    I can listen this song for 1000 times in a day. :)
    I have always been a fan of Shantanu and Swanand from the days of “Bawara Mann”.. Not with you two.. I would say…has taken me to another world..where everything is pure like music. :)


    - Gopal

  7. Naseer Khan |

    you guys are uhhhh mmmmmazing.. you are super Buck…
    love you guys, lover your music, you gave a new style to the music, a new super cool style to Farsi….
    looking forward for your Pashto numbers cuz you belong here, with us. why not a Pashto number……
    Pukhtoons will love you, and they do now.

    lots of love

  8. This show good and i love all songs.

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