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Zeb and Haniya App Launched for Nokia Phones!

Zeb and Haniya App Launched for Nokia Phones!

We have a mobile app available for free downloads at the Nokia Ovi Store! You can download our Chup ringtone, a wallpaper for the homescreen of your phone or stream the new video we recently released for Chal Diye!

This is an extremely exciting step forward for us and we really hope to be able to push our music out to more of you around the world by making the decision to be available on mobiles! Yup, we’ve been checking stats for countries downloading our app and we’re tickled pink with results coming in all the way from Mexico to Tunisia, Morocco and back to Pakistan.

We’re really grateful to the Nokia Pakistan team and their developers for working with us on this. If you use the app, please do take a moment to tell us what else you think we should have as part of it.. and of course, keep sending us your feedback so we can tell how we’re doing.


  1. Hello Ladies,

    just saw the Dewarists episode.Close to magic.Need to hear some more stuff before deciding where to slot your music in the magic folder.

    Where can I get the the tune you were humming during the Dewarist interview? Sounded like 50′s jazz/Dylanesq in parts.What is the name of that song and where can I buy it?

    Thanks for creating the beautiful Kaho Kya Khayaal Hai.


  2. Gorgeous Ladies!
    The most glamourous couple of recent music!
    Words are not enough to explain the soothing touch your music had on me….
    Be it bibi sanam, paimona, chup or kya khayal…
    Totally gorgeous music and Divine Voice…
    Haniya? you dont speak much! do you?
    I had to go to the “behind the scenes” video to hear your voice….
    Few requests…..
    Nokia Ovi app is fine, but what about an android app?
    People all over the world need access to you, and thru all mobile platforms..
    and how about few more photographs for download from the website… so that we, the FANS dont have to download from unauthenticated websites…
    someone might be interested in getting a desktop wallpaper of two of you!!!
    I hope, atleast one of the requests will be fulfilled..in near future…

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