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Smile! We’re on MTVRoots in India!

Smile! We’re on MTVRoots in India!

We’re so thrilled about being on the MTVRoots set in India for our interview!! Check out some of the cool comments and likes we’ve been getting! And as is the case with social media, Kool Muzone actually posted our images before we got the chance to, which is, well, just so cool! We hope to share insights and updates through our website so just watch this space! And thank you for sharing your excitement about our music!


  1. You both have spoiled my life by not meeting me when you came to Mumbai…..:) I’m an actor,the winner of the best actor,Indian television and a composer lyricist as well and Rona chhod diya….chupp….chal diye…..and that paanch maatra song….your arrangements are fabulous aur tum log mujhse mil ke nahin gai…..mera tumhare saath ek gaana record karne ka khwaab adhoora reh gaya…..and can you beat it I’m taking Salsa training for my first film in ZENZI,BANDRA……dekh bhi nahin saka tumko…..
    this is me…:)


    plz come soon…….

  2. Tanveer Shaikh |

    Zayb aur Haa-nee-ya (Zebunnisa Bangash and Haniya Aslam ),

    MashaAllah, what a performance of “Bibi Sanam Janem” A Afgani Folk…. Simply Superb.

    That One ..made me Fan of Yours………

    Love to have such more songs….


  3. Amazing to see you guys on all the major Indian shows! All this while we were following you guys on you tube. Great to see you guys come to India. You guys have a huge fan following in India! You guys are extremely talented musicians. From across the border, your music has touched our lives!

    Looking forward to see you guys perform live in Hyd for the Hindu November Fest on 25th Nov. See you in Hyd! :)

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