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When in Turkey…

When in Turkey…

We had a grand time in Turkey  this past month. We not only got to see the amazing sights in Istanbul were also fortunate enough to experience the culture and the music very closely. During our time in Istanbul we met with musicians and heard some amazing music. Turkey has a rich and varied tradition of music and there were so many resonances that we found in our own culture. Discovering new sounds and finding linkages through music is fun! Especially when its in beautiful Istanbul.

Here are some photographs we took during the trip… photographs of us being tourists, gathering ideas for our own music and  interacting with very inspiring musicians.[nggallery id=15]


  1. We love you.

  2. Good to see to you have visited Turkey. I wish Baris Manco was alive to meet you all, but I am sure he is watching you all from “cennet” and singing “Nazar Eyle” with you together. I am honored that you loved Istanbul, our culture and music. Pakistan and Turkey have a very long special relationship (brotherhood).
    All the best! Keep up the good work. I would love to hear more Baris Manco songs from you.

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