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Zeb and Haniya Back in the Studio

Zeb and Haniya Back in the Studio

And so we’re back in the studio and loving every measure and note of it. Everyone’s been asking us the big question so we thought we’d just kind of make the announcement on our blog. Yes, we’re busy working on our second album! We’re both extremely excited about the new songs and here’s one that was played in our recent interview on NPR, called Happy Song!

We’re trying out new ideas and experimenting with sound and rhythm. Keep your fingers crossed because we’re really hoping to have the album out by the end of this summer. We’re also working with a new Lahore-based record label but stay tuned to this space for details and photographs on that!

Until then, stay safe and enjoy some brilliant music! Keep your comments and emails coming in.. We love all the feedback you give!


  1. I love the tune of the Happy Song….. seems promising… CRAVING for your new album…

  2. wow!! big wait!!
    i dont have words for your music, but want to quote mansoora ahmed ji, (she wrote this for gulzar saab)
    kabhi aisa bhi hota hain humari zindgi me,
    ki sab sur haar jaate hain
    fakat ek cheekh bachati hain
    tum aise me bashaarat banke aate ho
    aur apne lay ki jaadu se
    hamari tutati saanso se ek nagma banate ho……..
    …..wish you guys all the best!!
    want to listen z&h with gulzar saab!!cheers!!

  3. We are waiting for you Sisters! Keep up the good work. Please don’t forgot Baris Manco’s songs!

  4. Nitish Bhatnagar |

    awesome voice you have zebunnisa with great combination of music from your sister…………will love to see u here in bollywood………….u have a different kind of maturity in your voice…..may u get a great chance here in bollywood soon………….and u r pretty too………
    from delhi(india)

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