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Photoshoot: Nida Rehman

Photoshoot: Nida Rehman

The talented photographer, Nida Rehman, captured these shots during a recent photo shoot.

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  1. me no like foto, i mean quality ..yaaaaaaaaaaaaar use koe acha sa camera :P P… VGA camera ka result lag raha hai :P . and please convey my msg to Nida Rehman.. try to improve your skills.. foto no gud. :)

  2. Very Nice Picture as they match their personalties

  3. Nice collection!! The one childhood photo conveys everything!!you guys havent changed much!! Kudos to your parents and guardians for bringing you up so well. best wishes. Please come and play in India too! we love you!!

  4. Lovely Pictures just wanted to thank you, your mum for giving you birth :) ) your persian Songs always takes me to جنت heavon

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