3. Active transport Retina photoreceptors are connected with a bipolar cage with the help синапса. At action of light reduction глутамата in пресинаптическом the photoreceptor termination leads to hyper-polarisation постсинаптической membranes of a bipolar nervous cage which also синаптически is connected with ганглиозными cages. In these синапсах it is allocated ацетилхолин, causing деполяризацию постсинаптической membranes ганглиозной cages. In аксональном a hillock of this cage there is an action potential. Аксоны ганглиозных cages form optic nerve fibres on which in a brain electric impulses direct. diltiazem 180 There are animals who possess ability to pass for some time from гомойотермного conditions in пойкилотермное and on the contrary. Such transition is observed at the animals running into hibernation (marmots, gophers, sleepyheads, etc.), paternal they have received the name гетеротермных. Гетеротермия is a special condition at which гомойотермные animals for a while switch off thermoregulation and the temperature of their body decreases to limits, excellent approximately on ГС from environment. Гетеротермия is the property got in the course of evolution later, than гомойотермия, and has great value for the organism adaptation to adverse conditions (for example, to a lack of food, water).

IDP Charity Show in Lahore

IDP Charity Show in Lahore

Here are some photographs from an IDP Charity Show we did in Lahore.

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